The Video 2000 Gallery

Updated: 17 / 05 / 2009

Philips VR2000 (1979): The first Video 2000 video recorder which was sold

The Philips VR2020 (1980)

The Philips VR2021 (1981)

The Philips VR2022

The Philips VR2023 (Mono) (1982)

The Philips VR2024 (Stéréo)

The Philips VR2099 (Stéréo)

The Philips VR2025 (Grundig 2x4 Super - Model 800)

The Philips VR2220 (Portable camera) (1984)

The Philips VR2324

The Philips VR2334

The Philips VR2340 (Stereo)

The Philips VR2840 (Stéréo et Longplay) (1984)

The Philips VR2350

The Philips VR2414

The Pye 20VR20

Erres 20VR20 or Schneider or Radiola 20VR20

The Pye 20VR22

Erres 23VR33 (clone of Philips VR2334 ?)

Erres 28VR40 (clone of Philips VR2840)

The Grundig 2x4 (Model 700) (1980)

The Grundig 2x4 Plus (Model 770)

The Grundig 2x4 Super (Model 800) (1982)

The Grundig 2x4 Stereo (Model 808)

The Grundig 1600 (1984)

The Siemens FM204 (Grundig 2x4 - Model 700)

The Bang and Olufsen 8800

The Bang and Olufsen 8802 (aVR 2020 with a makeover)

The ITT VR580 was a badged version of the Philips VR2022

The ITT VR581 STEREO was a badged version of the Philips VR2024

Other V2000 from ITT: VR481, VR482, VR487, VR582, VR58202, VR584, VR670, VR680, VR681

Main source : South West England Vintage Television Museum Page